Wednesday, February 26, 2014 chair.....

Hi there everyone! 

For a while now I have been saying I need a new desk chair.

The cushion was flattening 
 the leather seat can be a bit sweaty at times & who needs sweaty buns!

Since the new chair wasn't going to happen I took matters in my own hands!

This is what I started with.....

Some extra cushioning,
a piece of material and 
some staples brought me to this.....

Add a cosy turtleneck sweater that I got at Goodwill and.....

I used the sleeves to make a snowman and a lamp cozy this winter.

I stitched the sleeve holes closed 
as well as
 the top edges of the turtleneck, making that a little pocket.
I don't know that I'll use the pocket but it's an option, 
I can turn the sweater around and have the pocket in the back of the chair.

Below is a picture of the side of the chair where you can see the sleeves are stitched closed.

So much more comfier than it was before!
And prettier too!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!

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