Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bird house

Good morning!

Normally when I craft anything I wing it...
no plans...
just let the creativity flow...
let the spirit move me...

However with this birdhouse I had a plan!

I want to go country/prim!

Went shopping for pieces to fit my ideas!
Unfortunately, I found nothing that made me happy!
Between the internet and craft shops I was at a loss!

Now what?

New idea!

I love a good cup of tea and a good book!
And where better to have them but outside on a beautiful day right?

All I need is a chair, table and a tea set...I can do the rest!

chairs, tables and tea set,
all too big or too small, no in between!


Can I catch a break here?

What to do, what to do!

Went to the antique mall and after two rounds through the place,
looking in each booth,
I found a little tea set!

In the first booth I looked at...of course!

Might have saved a bit of money had I saw it the first time but these things happen, came home with a little haul...heehee!

Now for that table and chair...

Ooo, there's some heavy gauge wire laying there under my table...
I wonder if I can finagle that into a chair.....

It was tough,
that wire didn't want to bend easily,
sliced my hand a bit...
but I won!
Crochet a little piece for the seat
I have a chair!

The table took a little more thinking...
I started with winding the wire around itself to make a circle for the table top...
that was wonky!
I switched gears and started with the legs instead,
then headed to the kitchen for a jar lid...
good ole smuckers did the trick!

Oh yeah, I have a table now!

Here's my finished birdhouse! 
The background paper is one I made myself years ago with chalks then didn't know what to do with it! 
Below is the piece that is left over after cutting it...
I used Heather's freebie banner sheet she is giving away!
Hurry if you want it the give away ends Feb 14th!
Info for that below
The fence was made with Popsicle sticks and wire...
I stained it with vintage photo distress ink and then used a cream paint in an old paint dabber container to spread across it a bit.
I made the book with a book cover image I found at Graphics Fairy.
I used moss for the grass. 

Below is my chair before I added the same cream paint as on the fence...
A closer look at the chair, book, fence and part of the banner...
I used scrap bits of trim on all the banner pieces.

My table in the making...
I used a couple different paints to smear on top in an attempt to give it a woody look
then added a bit of ribbon around the edges.
The tea set was just a bare wood set that I painted.
The breads I had in my stash and I made the plate simply by putting 2 pieces of scrap paper together cut in circles. 

There it is on my mantle/shelf with a couple little birdhouses,
part of the little haul I found at the antique mall!


I got the birdhouse from Laurie at her
Moore Art from the Heart Artfire store

Heather's freebie banner set info

Graphic's Fairy book cover


Thanks for stopping by!

Sorry I was a bit wordy...
guess I'm just so really pleased with how this came out I wanted to share everything!

Hope you are enjoying a great week and keeping warm!

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