Friday, January 28, 2011

Trinket box

I made this...

look like this...

I threw this empty ribbon spool on my desk a few days ago and said "I can make something with this". I didn't know what but something was there. Yesterday however it almost met the trash because it had gotten in my way! Thankfully I stopped myself. This morning I woke up, finished a tag I was working on last night and I looked at this pathetic little spool sitting on my desk and it finally hit me..."trinket box" I took the little bits of Ella Blue papers that I had saved and cut them into small pieces, decoupaged them to the sides, the top and the inside bottom, added a little lace and tile bits, then a little hot glue to add the pearls, flowers, feathers and, unfortunately, to burn my thumb and there it is.
Thanks for looking. 
Have a great, crafty, day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the Daughters

I made one teenager happy last night. She had asked me to make this for her when she saw the one I made for her sister. It took a while but I finally did it. She loves blues and greens...
As you may know, I made that butterfly the other day when I was making flowers. The dangling clock-face charm says love. I should have grabbed a side shot but oh well. All I did to the side, beside paint, was to take the ribbon, that I have oodles of, from my moms stash and put it around the whole thing and hung the charm off of it. The charm tucked in behind Her Grammy and Pop-Pop says Cherish.

Ok, went back in to add a side shot and the charm. It is hanging on her wall now.

This is the recipe card book I made for me oldest, because she asked me for a recipe. Actually I made it weeks ago but just got back to working on it. It's not really fancy. I didn't want to bulk it up too much because she will be doing that with her recipe cards. She likes the antique look so I inked every where. I wanted to add some kitcheny shots and she loves "I Love Lucy" so I got the few of those that I could find and added a couple of others. I left blank areas for her to be able to add her own kitchen shots of her and the girls.I do want to add a couple of more tags and then this is off to her, In case you are wondering, I did include the recipe she originally asked for!

Thanks for looking!
Have a scrappy/crafty day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Kleenix here

If you have a cold and you are looking for some Kleenix you will not find any in this box! This, actually, isn't the box I set out to alter today, but it was just sitting there, empty and alone. So I took pity and dressed it up fancy and filled it with buttons. Now the little box is happy and so are the buttons, for they were crammed into a much smaller box and now have a lot more room to move around in their new home. heehee ... I may add to this, in time, but for now it is what it is. I used vintage photo distress ink on the edges of all the bits of paper and I also stamped with a swirly stamp and a music note stamp on a few of the papers. I decoupaged the papers on there and boy what a mess that was, but it's always worth the mess in the end, isn't it?

Thanks for looking! Hope you're having a crafty day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where ever the mood takes you...

My crafty mood took me to my crochet hook and thread today. I made these flowers...
They are a little bit different from the ones I made before, this time I paid a little more attention to what I was doing! LOL The larger flower was a challenge, I was going a little cross-eyed by the time I was through with it. Maybe I need a bit more sleep before attempting that one again. I was up too late last night and up too early this morning.

And how about these little cuties! These butterflies were a little bit of an adventure. I had a plan just wasn't sure how it would work out until it was done. I altered my flowers a bit and it worked out quite well I think. I'll be making more of these for sure.

This card I made last night for Valentines Day. The image I got from Magic Moonlight Studio. I used a piece of netting, that I got from the wedding isle in the local craft store, and decoupaged it with Royal Coat Antique Decoupage Finish. The Valentine Ticket I got from Shawn, over at Bella Creations, who I believe got them from I added some decoupage to that also. The carnation was another wedding isle find set on top of one of my crocheted flowers. A little lace, a border of pearls, that I've had forever, and a heart charm. Oh and I embossed the patterned paper.

I hope your crafty mood took you somewhere wonderful today!
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Busy day

I have had such a busy day today. Started my day crocheting a couple of flowers, I've never done that one before but I had to try. I think they came out pretty good for winging it, no pattern used.

I completed a card challenge for Bella Creations. I had to use the quote: "you are far bigger than anything that can happen to you", use a vintage stamp and a vintage image from The Graphics Fairy. I so love the way this one came out. Had I not planned on giving this one to someone I might have framed it. Guess I have to make another!

Also made two pots of chicken soup, a large batch of stuffed cabbage. And with the big batch of chili that I made last night, I should be good for about a week or two! Got a couple of loads of laundry done too. And I am thinking all the running up and down the stairs was at least worth a 5lb loss!
Now I am going to sit back and relax for the rest of the night. Maybe take care of another load of laundry.
Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.
Have a good night all!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bella du Jour

WOOHOO! I just found out that I am the Bella du Jour at Bella Creations! I was surprised and excited to see that! I am so honored to be the first! I so love the site and all the wonderful Bella's I have become friends with. If you have never been to Bella Creations you owe it to yourself to go and check it out. There is so much to do, from layouts, to tags, atc's, collage, mini's, etc... There are groups to join and challenges to do. And the best group of Bella's I have ever known. We are one big, happy family of friends, joined to share our passions for crafting. Come join us and have some fun!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful design team for my badge!
Scrap Happy everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nuances DeCouleur

This is my entry for the Nuances De Couleur challenge this month at Bella Creations. We had to use flowers, punches and the colors brown, beige, blue and salmon. It took me forever to do this one. I think part of the problem was I have no idea who the woman is in this photo, which is also why there is no title. The pic is one I found in mom's box of photos.
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Hugs to all!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafty day

I had a productive day. After mopping the kitchen, dining room & the living room and washing a load of wash, I managed to also alter a composition book, my first! I love the papers I used. They are out of a paper pad from K&Company called Life's Journey. I bought this pad a while ago to do a heritage album for myself and never got around to it. The lace is from a Recollections pkg I just picked up recently and the metal seashells I have had forever. I love the ocean and since I will be having this book at my desk and the risk of throwing things on top of the book is great, I opted for those instead of something like flowers that might get squished.  I also made 3 Christmas cards for a challenge at Bella Creations. Believe was inked with Distressed inks, fire brick red, peeled paint & vintage photo, then I added a little bit of clear heat embossing to the edges. The white edges of the Santa card I flocked. I love this challenge because it was easier to do three now, then the frantic last minute pile that I have to make at the end of the year, feels good to be ahead of the game already. I also made a tp mini, for both a challenge and a friend! The challenge was to add a tag and ink something, so I inked the Happy Valentine's Day tag. I am not showing the inside because it's a gift and the cover is the only peek she is getting.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!

Scrap Happy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fast day

I have no idea what happened to today! The day seemed to just fly right on past me. I did get to do a bit of scrappy shopping, I made 3 flowers and I cut one piece of ribbon for a mini I am making. Other than that I did a lot of internet catching up and hung out with my hub's for a bit. And poof the day was gone! And I'm exhausted, what is up with that? Hopefully I get a good nights sleep, feel totally refreshed in the morning and get some scrapping done as well as vacuuming up the peanuts from under my husbands desk. I think he has a hole in his lip or something, he pops the peanuts in his mouth and they fall back out!
I hope everyone has a very good night and a happy, scrappy, crafty weekend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Canvas

This is what I did today. I made this one for my daughter. I used her favorite colors.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My first mini, almost there!

Ok, here's a peek inside my mini. I still have some inking to do and embellishing, but for now I have to walk away. I have a lot of other things I need to get to and since this one is for me I am going to set it aside and get to my other projects that I have been neglecting. I hope you all enjoy!
Thanks for looking!

Isn't that little file folder cute? I made them to hold the tags in my little center pockets.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Slowly but surely

Here is a look at the cover to the mini I am making. I am very pleased with it so far. I just have some finishing touches to do to the inside and some tags to make, then I will post the pages.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh la la

This is the tag I just did for a challenge at Bella Creations.

I inked the tag with several distressed inks from Ranger, then splashed a little bit of clear embossing powder in a few places. I printed the pic on regular card stock mounted it on a bit of chipboard then used clear rock candy Distress crackle paint on it. I wasn't sure whether or not to add the flowers so here is a pic with and without.

A new day!

PIT said good-bye and Bella was born. I met a lot of wonderful people on the PIT site and was very disappointed when it was suddenly closed but happy to see that my new friends were not lost to cyberspace. We have a new home at Bella Creations...     This is a new adventure for Lacee and we are all excited to be a part of it, supporting her all the way! You Rock Girl!  Can't wait to start creating and sharing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My gifty from Lacee!

This is a gift I got from a wonderful lady I met at PIT. She did a beautiful job! I love it. Only problem now is that I have to figure out a way to get pics of my hub's and me in there. He doesn't like his picture taken. I may have to get my daughter to take some sneaky shots.
Thank you Lacee, I love it!


My first Canvas Collage

Here's my canvas. I finished last night. It was a Valentines Day challenge but once I thought of putting the picture it became a remembrance of my parents. I miss them a lot!

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feeling a bit crafty today...

Woke up in a crafty mood today and decided to start two new projects at once! Both of which I have never done before. So I cleaned my work space, did a little organizing, some prep-work and off I went. I am quite pleased with what I have so far so I am giving you a sneak peek...
My paper bag mini is ready for some covers and embellishing and my little art piece is a little "Valentine's Day Collage" challenge I am doing at PIT (Pages in Time). Nothing is glued down yet so it can change at any minute. I am enjoying this one so much I have plans on making a few more, Christmas 2011 here I come! 

Hugs to Everyone!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Just popping in to wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with good health, good luck, good fortune and lots of love!