Monday, May 4, 2015

DLP #11

Hi friends!

Documented Life Project

My goal is to catch up by the end of this month!
Wish me luck!

Art Challenge - Borders
Journal Prompt - Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind!

I'm not exactly sure where this project came from.
I was kinda working on two pages at one time, 
this one & and #10

I did manage to get the "Borders" in there but the Journal Prompt not so much

Here's my page...

I actually started with the larger flower, 
then went on to finish the last challenge.
When I came back to this I added the little flower and bitty flowers.

The scalloped border has been in my stash for quite some time.
I doodled around the one side and added some more doodling 

The bird border is a stamp that I colored with distress markers and gel pens.
The border on the right side is done with 
a green Le Plume pen (brush tip) 
and yellow paint.

I didn't feel done doodling until I did the squares border on top with a distress marker.


Art to the 5th Academy - Documented Life Project


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Friday, May 1, 2015

DLP #10

Hello Friends!

I'm into March now with the
Documented Life Project

The March theme is Making your Mark
(doodles & mark making)

Mar 7th Art Challenge - Add a layer element
Journal Prompt - Surviving the Elements

I noticed that a lot of the peeps doing this went with a weather "element",
I went in another direction...

with my depression and health issues lately
 I decided to start by writing a bunch of the things I have been dealing with then topped it all with tissue paper.

I added stenciling with paints 
then doodles and dots.

The white areas are to 
cover up the areas I wasn't really happy with 
and to give me a couple spots for journaling.


Art to the 5th Academy - Documented Life Project


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Thursday, April 30, 2015

DLP #9

Good morning!

Documented Life Project
Feb 28th
Woohoo...two months down!
I'm getting closer!

Art Challenge - Using at least 5 layers
Journal Prompt - Give me a high 5

I don't know if I mentioned it or not but you don't have to use both challenge & prompt.
With this challenge I did not worry about the "high 5"

Here is my page.....

I started with a layer of book paper,
added a light layer of gesso,
since I rarely use my sprays I decide to play with them for layer #3,

on top of that I started stamping random stamps all over
and finished with a couple of stencils and paint for layer #5.

Below is the a look at the last challenge as well as another look at this one.

This is my favorite spread so far!


Art to the 5th Academy - Documented Life Project


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DLP #8

Good morning everyone!

I went pretty easy with this 
Documented Life Project page.

Art Challenge - Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt - It's worth repeating

I started with the leftover paints from the last project that I did
spreading them all over the page...

I kinda liked how that looked but I had this stencil and always wanted to overlap it and see how it looked, 
(my repeated element)
so I took three coordinating paint colors and did this...


Now what do I do?
I don't want to cover it!

Ah ha!

Paint a flower!
Add a quote!
Happy place!


Art to the 5th Academy - Documented Life Project


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