Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another inspired painting.....

Good morning everyone! 

I have another painted the I've done recently to share with you.

This one was inspired by a Pier 1 painting.

This is my painting.....

I wish I could get a better picture it's been so cloudy a lot lately!
I stayed close to the colors in the inspiration piece...always loved the colorful trees! 

And this was my inspiration from Pier1.....
I also found a video on youtube where Angela Anderson used the same inspiration.

Here it is on my wall.....

It's a little guy (6 x 12) and fits perfectly under my pretty grate decor piece.

I may have to darken the walls a bit, 
this is the only room I haven't painted in this house yet! 

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Hope you're enjoying some wonderful weather!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

My first large painting...

Boy was this a scary new challenge! 

I'm fairly new to painting and need some wall decor.

I've been working on Art Journals this year,
trying to build my bravery.

We've lived in this house for 4 years now and the decorating has gone pretty slowly...

First... I really didn't know what style I wanted, 
what my style is or 
what I could comfortably live with for years,
so I did basically nothing...
a few framed photo's of family and not much else.

Second... Not a lot of furniture to work around or with,
adding to the lack of style confusion!

This year I decided I'd had enough of the bland!
My daughter bought me an easel for my birthday,
I bought a few canvas's,
Set up the easel,
added the canvas, 
and there it sat for at least a week & 1/2!

I watched a few youtube videos and finally jumped in and this is what I came up with.....

This was inspired by Michael Langs video HERE

I had so much fun doing my rendition!
I think I may have even gotten into the "painter's zone"!
I totally zoned out while painting this.....felt so good too!

Definitely not Michael Land quality, 
as a matter of fact I think he would probably cringe at the sight of it or at least the sight of the one circle (the full large one).
It has more of a smudgy smeary look to it than a painted look.
I kept trying to repair it but it just didn't want to cooperate.
 I let it go for a couple days, 
tried again and then again and maybe again,
 before finally giving up and deciding to love the imperfections of my first big piece!

It now hangs on the big blank wall in my living room!

I'm so proud of me for stepping outside of my box! 

Step outside of your box and enjoy the ride!

Have a great summer!!!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

DLP #11

Hi friends!

Documented Life Project

My goal is to catch up by the end of this month!
Wish me luck!

Art Challenge - Borders
Journal Prompt - Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind!

I'm not exactly sure where this project came from.
I was kinda working on two pages at one time, 
this one & and #10

I did manage to get the "Borders" in there but the Journal Prompt not so much

Here's my page...

I actually started with the larger flower, 
then went on to finish the last challenge.
When I came back to this I added the little flower and bitty flowers.

The scalloped border has been in my stash for quite some time.
I doodled around the one side and added some more doodling 

The bird border is a stamp that I colored with distress markers and gel pens.
The border on the right side is done with 
a green Le Plume pen (brush tip) 
and yellow paint.

I didn't feel done doodling until I did the squares border on top with a distress marker.


Art to the 5th Academy - Documented Life Project


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Friday, May 1, 2015

DLP #10

Hello Friends!

I'm into March now with the
Documented Life Project

The March theme is Making your Mark
(doodles & mark making)

Mar 7th Art Challenge - Add a layer element
Journal Prompt - Surviving the Elements

I noticed that a lot of the peeps doing this went with a weather "element",
I went in another direction...

with my depression and health issues lately
 I decided to start by writing a bunch of the things I have been dealing with then topped it all with tissue paper.

I added stenciling with paints 
then doodles and dots.

The white areas are to 
cover up the areas I wasn't really happy with 
and to give me a couple spots for journaling.


Art to the 5th Academy - Documented Life Project


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