Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Fry Boxes...

Good morning everyone!

I know Valentine's Day is done but I have a couple of fry boxes that I made to give to my grandkids that I'd like to show you!

I used
all from 

Here they are.....

Cute aren't they?

I was so excited when Heather told me she was making fry boxes!
I couldn't wait to play with them!

They do come with a heart to fit into the spot on the front and one on the back but I used a couple of the Conversation Hearts that I already had cut with the images on them.
The fry boxes also come in several different colors...
pink, cream, natural, blue, green & red!

I added glitter to the edges of my granddaughters boxes and ribbon on the edges of my grandsons.
The girls also got a bit of lace trim 
and they all have a little sentiment added with the text boxes.
I was also in a little bit of a doodling mood so I doodled, 
along the top edges & around the hearts, 
of the boxes inside and out.

Inside the boxes I gave them all a cup of hot cocoa, a piece of chocolate and a banner I made for them.

Below are pictures of the individual boxes.....


My Artistic Adventures 4th Challenge is under way!
This one is 
The Second Day of Christmas...

For more info my post is HERE
Heather's post at My Artistic Adventures is HERE

Hope to see you all there!


Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great week!

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