Saturday, September 3, 2011

A loose woman

Yup, that's me! 
I've become a loose woman!
Loose leaf that is!

I have always loved my cup a tea. 
Mom could have put it in the bottle when I was little for all I know. 
I don't remember a time, growing up, that I didn't drink tea. 
It was always tea bags though, that you find in any grocery store.
And that was fine. 

Shawn, however, over at Poetry In a Pot of Tea, who has been a loose woman for some time now, had told me, a while ago, that there was a different taste to the loose leaf tea.

She left me wondering...
If I love my tea bags so much how would I feel about the loose leaf? 

I have been wanting to try it but unfortunately saw no opportunity, until this week.

While shopping downtown last weekend, I spied a tea house.
It looked so pretty from the outside but, alas, it was closed.

I had to wait.

Finally the opportunity arose Tuesday.
I walked in, looked around. 
Taking in the ambiance and the music, I was in heaven!
It was like time stood still.
Such a wonderful relaxing experience to behold. 

The woman who owns the place was there.
A lovely lady.
We had the chance to chat a while, she opened the place when her husband retired.

They have their own blends there and lots of them.
A great variety!
So far I have tried 2 and I am very pleased.

So I spent that wonderful Tuesday morning slowly sipping my wonderful tea and eating a blueberry scones that they baked for me right there when I ordered it.

My day was complete.

Ah, but this is not an experience to keep to yourself.
I couldn't wait to bring my daughter up there this morning.
While I chose another blueberry scones and a different blend of tea, she, who is not a tea drinker, drank a cup of their creamy rich hot chocolate and ate a chocolate cream tart.

 Doesn't that look yummy?

She smiled through the whole experience which made me very happy that I got to share this with her.

I walk away feeling very relaxed and happy. 

I also walked away with this little beauty as well as some teas to enjoy at home...

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday too!

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