Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy mail!

I went for a walk in the rain this morning.

I got wet.

I got cold.

I got a Recipe Mini and goodies!

We had a recipe mini swap over at Bella Creations and my Bella Friend Pam was to send to me.

Look at this lovely Recipe Mini I got!

This is huge!

I LOVE it!

She gave me oodles of pockets to put recipes and pic in!
And loads of recipe cards with spares on the side!
There are 16, front and back, pages!

Here is a look at a couple of pages.....

It's a paper bag mini, the two recipe cards, on the bottom right pic, go into the bag pocket.

I am going to have so much fun adding recipes in here. 
And speaking  of recipes she sent me some of her fav's!
They look pretty yummy too!

Here is another look at the mini with a peek at some of the goodies she sent as well.....

She sent me flowers, tags and paper galore!

She spoils me! 


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