Monday, September 1, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Good morning everyone! 

I was invited to join this blog hop by Laurie
Laurie wrote a little bit about me on her blog so I hope you will hop over and take a look...
not only to see what she wrote about me but to find out more about her! 

I joined Laurie's Facebook challenge group last year.
You can find it HERE
One of the goals is to help you use up some of those old unused embellishments that we've all been hoarding.
Anything that helps us get rid of some of our hoard is a good thing, right?

Laurie is a very creative person...
beautiful layouts, tags, cards and a whole host of altered items...
Always a thing of beauty no matter what she's doing!


What am I working on?

I am on two design teams  

I took a bit of a break this summer to enjoy some extra time with my family and the sunshine
now I'm ready to get back to work!

Along with my DT projects I am also working on a couple of baby mini albums,
 for a couple of cute little girls who entered the world in the past few months!

And soon I'll be starting my Christmas cards....
we all know how fast that sneaks up on us every year!

What is my style?

Although I've tried to venture into another styles my projects always seem to end up 
mostly vintage and occasionally shabby chic!
Can't fight it!
I love it!

Why do I create what I do?

I started creating scrapbook pages to make up for the baby book I did not write up for my 3rd child.
That evolved into scrapbooking for all three kids, 
then my life and 
then as much of the family history as I could figure out.
From there I started making cards...
 found the crafty online community and life has not been the same...
scrapbook pages, cards, tags, atc's, mini albums
as well as
altered canvas's, boxes, bottles & everything else I can get my hands on!

Creating is an amazing thing!

It brings happiness to everyone!

What a joy it is to give a piece that you have created and see it bring a smile to someone else's heart! 

How does my creative process work?

I generally start with an idea,
whether it's a mini album or a card, etc...
then I'll look for some paper that will match the color scheme I want to work with.
From there I let the creative process fly!
I rarely have a plan because when I do, I usually fall off plan anyway! 
Creating comes easier to me when I don't over think it.

I find inspiration in other's work, on Pinterest, through blog hopping, antique shops, magazines or simply the next holiday!

here is where I am suppose to say something like...
"I want to introduce you to three people who inspire me"


I only have one such person to share with you.

It's not that I'm not inspired by anyone else....
I am!
I have quite a list of friends who inspire me
and with whom I've asked to join this hop!

It's more of a timing issue for everyone!

With summer quickly winding down,
 everyone is doing their best to squeeze as much outdoor/summer fun in that they can, before it is over...
vacations & families are still being enjoyed!

Others are busy scrambling around getting their kids ready for the new school year to begin
as well as
getting themselves back into working or crafting after the summer break!


as I said previously,
 I do have one person,
 who inspires me,
 to share with you and I'm sure she will inspire you too!

Her name is
 Heather Hudson
(Best OnLine Buddy)

Heather's inspiration is all over the place!
The crafty pieces she creates
 (cards, tags, atc's or altered items... just to name a few)
are always a joy to see!
She has a beautiful, creative eye, for putting things in the right places!
I love the way she layers her pieces!

She's also a wiz with digital creations!
She can take a couple simple images, put them together and make one beautiful image!
She amazes me with how brilliantly she can put two,
 or more,
images together!
She taught me how to do image manipulation but I don't think I'll ever have the eye she has!

And that's not the end of her creativity...
she can paint too!
I absolutely LOVE her roses!

When you hop over to her blog...

and I really hope you do.....

I really think you should.....

check out her blog background...

she designed that too!
She changes it from time to time,
for the different holidays or seasons!

There's no end to her creativity!

Heather has been my BOLB for several years now...
she not only shares her creativity with me but also her time, laughter & friendship!

To see Heather's work, on her blog, go HERE.
To see her etsy store,
where she shares her wonderful digital creations with everyone, go HERE
She also has a great collection of video she shares HERE


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