Friday, January 28, 2011

Trinket box

I made this...

look like this...

I threw this empty ribbon spool on my desk a few days ago and said "I can make something with this". I didn't know what but something was there. Yesterday however it almost met the trash because it had gotten in my way! Thankfully I stopped myself. This morning I woke up, finished a tag I was working on last night and I looked at this pathetic little spool sitting on my desk and it finally hit me..."trinket box" I took the little bits of Ella Blue papers that I had saved and cut them into small pieces, decoupaged them to the sides, the top and the inside bottom, added a little lace and tile bits, then a little hot glue to add the pearls, flowers, feathers and, unfortunately, to burn my thumb and there it is.
Thanks for looking. 
Have a great, crafty, day!
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