Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the Daughters

I made one teenager happy last night. She had asked me to make this for her when she saw the one I made for her sister. It took a while but I finally did it. She loves blues and greens...
As you may know, I made that butterfly the other day when I was making flowers. The dangling clock-face charm says love. I should have grabbed a side shot but oh well. All I did to the side, beside paint, was to take the ribbon, that I have oodles of, from my moms stash and put it around the whole thing and hung the charm off of it. The charm tucked in behind Her Grammy and Pop-Pop says Cherish.

Ok, went back in to add a side shot and the charm. It is hanging on her wall now.

This is the recipe card book I made for me oldest, because she asked me for a recipe. Actually I made it weeks ago but just got back to working on it. It's not really fancy. I didn't want to bulk it up too much because she will be doing that with her recipe cards. She likes the antique look so I inked every where. I wanted to add some kitcheny shots and she loves "I Love Lucy" so I got the few of those that I could find and added a couple of others. I left blank areas for her to be able to add her own kitchen shots of her and the girls.I do want to add a couple of more tags and then this is off to her, In case you are wondering, I did include the recipe she originally asked for!

Thanks for looking!
Have a scrappy/crafty day!
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