Monday, August 15, 2016

ICAD a day

Today we come to the end of my finished 
ICAD's for the Yellow Daisy ICAD group

Day 16
Prompt - wallpaper
I used some more of my handmade washi tape that I made for 
and laid it like stripes on a wall
(can't say I'd do this to my walls but I'm sure someone would)

Day 17
Prompt - Landscape
I went with the love of Paris
Although I can't say I really love Paris because I've never been there.
I do love this card though

And finally
Day 18
Prompt - Orange
I not only have orange in the background but I also sprayed it with an orangy glimmer.

I'd really love to get the rest finished but who know's how long that will take!
Only 43 days to go.....

Thanks for stopping by!

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