Monday, August 22, 2016

30 Days of Art Journaling

once again, 
I have some catching up to do! 
So I'm going to post a couple days here together

Day #4
Things that make me happy now as well as when I was a child

Strawberry shortcake always topped the list
however I haven't been able to have it in years! 
That changed a couple days ago when I found a recipe for
AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) shortcake!
Oh, what a happy day!!!

Sorry for that little distraction but I was so excited and it tasted so good!

Day #5
(this is just one of our little girls)

She's so cute! 
Comfortably laying her head on the table!

Day #6
A song with personal meaning to you.

This one was a tough one for me!
I love music but I don't really hold one or another as more meaningful to me.
So as days past and I kept trying to figure out a song that I could journal about, 
I went ahead and made a bunch of random background in my journal.

My aha moment came several days later
when I was looking through my journal for something to do,
 I came across this page.
The thought...
"spread your wings and fly"
came to mind when I saw the feathers.
So I got on my computer and googled those words and I came up with this song 
sung by Susan Boyle.

The words in the song are
"Want to spread my wings and fly
Away into the sky
How I dream to be so free
No more more pain
No more more hate
How I dream to have those wings and fly into the sky"

How very pretty!
And so appropriate for so many reasons
not just for me but for so many these days!

Skipping Day #7 for now

This one is Day #8
An early or earliest memory

That's me hiding behind mom's skirt.
I've always been shy 
(hasn't changed)

More to come when I get them uploaded or finished!


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