Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flooding, sigh.....

So apparently our basement flooded! 

We had some incredible rain that flooded a tremendous amount of homes, rivers, roads, etc, in our area! Since I've been in a good (and I mean crappy) depressive state lately and my husband's mind was busy with work stuff 
(which surprisingly got no water), 
we didn't think to check the basement! 

Big Duh moment for us!

It's unfinished so other than laundry, we don't go down there often. 

Anyway, I was out of the house for hours yesterday 
(dr's appt, grocery shopping & breathing fresh air)
 when I got back & opened the door, I got hit with the overwhelming smell of mold, so I put my groceries away and went downstairs and found a whole lot of wet mess! 

Things were apparently floating!

All the boxes of stored stuff (photos included, sigh) blankets, carpet, and so much more...soaked! 

These picture are only a small part of the basement.
I didn't take pictures before starting to clean
(there I go before pics)
I just dove in and started bagging the soggy mess and getting it out of there!

The guitars are still in good shape...yay!

Thankfully it's an unfinished basement so no big furniture items were down there!

My washer is fine!

A whole lot of people are dealing with so much worse than us after the flooding!

We are grateful for sure!

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