Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OMG I did it!

When I was a little younger
(ok a lot younger)
I wanted to be able to draw.
Oh I could draw a Santa face, 
or a bunny, cat, horse or dogs head...
all cartoony!
I'd sit in front of the tv,
watch a cartoon and draw a character, 
but I wanted more.
I wanted to draw faces, landscapes.....

It wasn't until I was in High School that I found out that there was an art class I might have been able to take,
I knew enough!

And I didn't!

They were drawing and shading and who know's what else!
I was drawing cartoony things that pleased my young nephew!

 I'm still not drawing but I was recently moved,
while watching a video, 
of a woman (CeeCee) who was painting a woman's face!

I cried...

not just because I hadn't been able to do that but also because I felt like 
I could.....
I felt like I was there with her!
(In all honesty there was a bit more emotion going on in me while watching that video, but I'll keep that to myself for now.
Lets just say it was a therapeutic cry,
much needed!)

Art Therapy here I come!

With the "I think I can do that" idea in my head & hands
 I decide to grab some paints and get to it!
I started with my art journal,
but quickly decided that if I was going to do this I was going to commit and do a canvas!
That way I can hang it in my office when I'm done and see it every day! 

In the video she used her fingers to paint the face, 
I found that I needed to use a brush!
 I was pretty happy about that. 
 I don't know, but it felt good!

It took a few days but I finally finished! 

This was the best therapy I've gone through!

Here is my painting.....

The title reflects a part of my therapy...

I haven't always felt like I fit in
too often, felt like I wasn't good enough...

I am me,
like it or not.....
Perfectly Imperfect Me!

Enjoying the (therapeutic art) journey!

Here is a link to the video I cried to! 


Thank you for stopping by! 
Hope you are having a great week!

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