Saturday, February 21, 2015

Canvas fun with desperately needed inspiration...

It's winter,
cold winter,
cold cold winter!
I'm not a fan!
I don't like the cold weather, 
especially when Mother Nature decides to add in some wind!
I don't like ice,
snow is okay once or twice but it get's old quick!
(I am so thankful I no longer live where they are being hammered with several feet of snow in one storm, these last couple of years...yikes)

Also not a big fan of the seasonal depression that comes and hangs around way longer than it is welcome!
It's like that bad house guest you can't get rid of!
It robs me of my energy, my mojo and my happy!

In an effort to fight this unwelcome guest I've been doing a lot of putzing around the house
Cleaning, cooking, baking.....
I've also zoned out with the internet or the tv!
On occasion I make it down the hall to my crafty office.
Not making cards, tags, altering anything.....
Looking for something outside of the norm I actually got my sewing machine running and made my kitchen curtains I'd been wanting to make.....
well one set anyway! 
One set to go and the dining room needs a set too!
I'll get those done eventually!

Thanks to my New Years Creative Goals
I have been keeping up with my 
Lucky for my winter mood or maybe not so lucky,
 it's every other week!

In between, while surfing the net, I found that Donna also has
 Artist Gang Tuesday videos that she shares on her blog.
 In watching them I found another artist I'm fast becoming a fan of,
and that would be CeeCee.

Now thanks to Donna and her inspiration I've been finding nerve I didn't have before and have tried to venture off the art journal and onto canvas.
I made this canvas you can see HERE
It's a little guy! 
Didn't want to go too big and end up overwhelmed and have a mess.

With all Inspiration Wednesday & Artist Gang Tuesday videos,
then jumping over to CeeCee's blog and seeing some more of her videos,
I found a bit more bravery and with this post of CeeCee's for inspiration I made this larger canvas.....

I'm so proud of me!

I used the painting techniques from CeeCee's video & Donna's layering techniques and had so much fun with this!

I was going to add a word or quote but my daughter liked it the way it was so I ended it here.

Hope you are finding inspiration that keeps you going this winter.

Thanks for visiting and sticking with me through my winter blabbering!
Stay warm!

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