Friday, February 20, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday 2015 #4

Hi everyone!

This Inspiration Wednesday came up on me quite quickly!
I've been either busy or hiding in my room, with headaches/migraines, for the last couple of weeks!
Time apparently does fly and not just when you're having fun!

I won't say that the headaches are totally gone yet but I am feeling better.....
for now!

But anyway.....

As usual I don't have all the pieces that Donna used in her demonstration this week so I improvised and this is what I came up with.....

Donna used 2 colors in her inspiration but my stencil reminded me of peacock feathers so after getting the 2 colors (raw umber & teal) I chose on there,
 I felt it needed more so I added a purple.

One of the things I'm enjoying with these classes is mixing my own colors!
Not because that is what we are suppose to do but because I can't afford to buy every color I want to use!

The flower stamping on the bottom picture didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped but it works!
I added the leaves to the bottom and corners with a stamp I designed and carved a year or so ago.

 Playing is fun!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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