Thursday, February 5, 2015

Just me...

talking about my diet and exercise again.

I wrote a post back in August mentioning my newest diet adventure
(you can see that post here or in the tab above),
nothing has really changed diet wise...

Still eating a Paleo diet

No gluten
Accidentally tasted a fingertip bit of a batter my daughter was making for herself a month or so ago! Yikes there goes the stomach! That pain came fast and strong! Won't be doing that again!
Don't miss breads as much as I thought I would!
Don't miss pasta either, which I thought would be a tough one to lose but I've found zucchini noodles to be a great substitute!

 No processed foods
I don't miss any of these...
so much so that I can't even think of the things I would buy before.
I guess cake mixes, cereals, cookies, crackers...all also gluten-full
I'd rather make my own, they taste better homemade anyway!

My sugars are mainly raw honey or a little maple with 
an occasional coconut palm sugar for something different.
I try to keep that at a minimum
This was another thing I thought would be missed greatly for I've always had a very sweet tooth!
Since reducing my sugar intake that sweet tooth has been tamed! 
It does rare its sweet head once in a while but not as voraciously as it used to be!
As a matter of fact I made a recipe recently that called for some sugar and something told I was about to add the 1/4 cup of sugar in the bowl that it might be too much so I only poured half or even less than half in the bowl only to find out that that was too much too!
I redid the recipe without the sugar and I was so much happier!

Even the chocolate cravings have eased...this I didn't think would ever happen!
I'm kinda glad it did though. 
I think, actually I've always suspected, that I have an allergy or at least an intolerance to chocolate but it was so good I just ignored the signs. It's another thing that will upset my stomach if I indulge too much! I'll still eat a little here and there but now I can get away with a couple of allergy friendly mini baking chips instead of whole bars or those organic truffles I found and indulged in over the holidays! 

In a perfect world I would only be eating everything organic
but lets face it we don't live in a perfect world.
I eat organic meats when I find something that's not going to break the bank other than that I eat the best, leanest cuts I can find.
Same with veggies, I look for the freshest! Hopefully organic,
 but again sometimes those are just too hard to find or too expensive.

One of the things I like about eating this way is even though I know everything is not always organic, as long as I know I am making the healthiest choices I know I'm on the right track.

And my body seems to agree!

I still deal with depression...
seasonal being the worst in the last few years, 
however not as bad this year!

My weight loss....I'm down 20 lbs! 

And speaking of the weight loss.....
Something I notice since eating this way, my weight fluctuations don't jump around by the pound any more. No more jumping on the scale and finding that I gained 2 or 3 lbs! When I think I've eaten too much of the gluten free muffins or waffles that I've made and I probably gained a couple of pounds I am pleasantly surprised to find that I've either only gained a couple ounces or nothing at all!
Now that is cool!

My exercising hasn't changed much either...
I lift hand weights occasionally...I should do that more often!
Yoga is my main exercise.
Admittedly I do have days when I don't even want to do that!
I have recently joined a 30 day yoga challenge. 
My hope is that this will get me used to the daily routine, 
making it more of a habit and keep me going past the 30 days. 

So that's it for now,
just me mumbling about my diet.
Thank you to those of you who stuck around to read about it!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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