Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stepping outside of the norm

Good morning everyone! 

Sorry nothing crafty here today...
unless of course you count the picture of the blueberry muffins I made this morning. 
(I'll get to that soon)

I don't usually get too personal on my blog,
we were taught that our private lives were private 
and that always stuck really strong in me. 

No sorted details coming,
 just a glimpse into my diet evolution over the past couple of years 
and my cruddy mood since this past winter.
For whatever reason I feel the need to share.
Feel free to keep hopping on by if you don't want to read this,
 I'll never know!

Here goes.....

 I have dealt with depression for way longer than I care to remember...
lots of ups and downs.
Won't really get into that but it will get a mention eventually.

I've added thyroid issues and asthma within the last 10 years.

I have, 
like a lot of people,
 for many years now, struggled with my growing weight.
I'm not really big,
as a matter of fact my kids, as well as my doctor, 
have told me that I look good.
The doctor said maybe I could lose 5 lbs but she didn't see the need for anymore than that.
(I see/feel the need for 30-40 more)

One of the bigger complaint for me, I think, is my belly bulge.
I know they say the older you get the more likely you'll have a belly bulge that you'll never get rid of but that doesn't make it any better to deal with!

I'm also not fond of my lack of flexibility as I get older.
(too many years of not needing to exercise topped with more years of sitting at a desk)

So a couple years ago at the request of my 
BOLB (Best OnLine Buddy)
I joined her on a vegan adventure.

Lots of research...sounded okay, I want to lose weight, so why not?

All was good!
I had the new diet high!
I even lost a few pounds!
Everything seemed to fall into place!
(for a while anyway)

I lasted just short of a year.


I no longer had the new diet high,
I was starting to drag again,
and the weight I lost was back,
 so I was off to do more research.

While doing my research I leaned more toward vegetarian than vegan.
Adding dairy & eggs.

That, however, wasn't enough.
In my research I found that I needed the proteins in meats (turkey & fish) for my thyroid, so I added that as well.
It did help but I needed to do more research.

Now I'm about 2 years
 (this past December)
into this diet changing adventure and my depression has kicked in big time and I can't find a way out.
I thought it would get better when spring finally showed up but I was so wrong!

A couple of months ago I had a light bulb moment!

Every so often I get these wicked upset stomachs after a meal that keep me really close to that special room where all those things your body rejects can be flushed away.


I don't believe I have Celiac but I do know now that I have an intolerance.
I did not go to see a doctor because in order for them to test you you have to have gluten in you and I wanted results faster and less painfully.

I immediately went on a gluten free diet and felt better for a few weeks.
Upon reintroducing gluten back into my diet the stomach aches return.

Darn, goodbye French bread and a whole bunch of other goodies!

Oh well!

At least now I know for sure that I'm on the right path and that is a good thing!

I have been Gluten free for 2 months now and feeling much better.

This is not however the end of the story.
Shortly after going gluten free I found the Paleo diet.

I've already added meats,
 taken breads, pasta's, and other processed products with gluten in them, out of my diet
why not go all the way and go as organic as I can get?

So now I've been on a Paleo/Gluten-free diet for the past month.

I feel better/healthier.
I'm losing weight!
My depression has eased considerably.
I am sleeping better.
I have more energy.
I even "want" to exercise!

Oh, that exercise.....
 it doesn't have to be the push I thought it needed to be.
Recommended, in a few books I've read,
is yoga & strength training!

And that belly bulge I mentioned earlier.....
(And that happened before the exercising...
all due to diet change!)
Oh yeah, happy dancing!

I know,
 I'm only two months into this Paleo/Gluten-free life but I'm already not missing breads, processed foods, sugar, etc...
I'm really hopeful...
I believe I'm going in the right direction now!

 And my sweet tooth is doing fine with the few treats they have been given.....
including these Blueberry Crumb Muffins!

I'd love to give you the recipe but unfortunately I'm not talented enough to make this on my own.
The recipe came from a cookbook by
Tammy Credicott called Paleo Indulgences.
(this is not an advertisement...
I am not paid for referring you to Tammy or her book....
I just love the book and the yummy recipes!)
Tammy has three books that I refer to often these days.....
Easy, Delicious recipes! 


Happier & Healthier


Thanks for stopping by and hanging in with my story!
Hope you are all having a great summer!

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