Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've been wanting to make a light box for quite a while now but wasn't sure how to go about it. 

I watched a few tutorials... looked simple enough... but...

Darn procrastination!

Nothing new these days!


About a month ago...

 I finally grabbed some small dowels from Walmart and a piece of white fabric.

Then I waited and thought some more about how I was going to do it.

Realized I didn't buy enough dowels, I bought some more last week.

Yesterday, after finding out that I didn't have any ink in my printer and
 in the mood to create something,
 I decided to get myself in gear and give it a try. 

Tools in hand...

Scissors to cut the dowels.

I cut them about 15 inches long.

That gave me enough room so that I can get a 12x12 layout in there if I want to.

Twine to (hopefully) tie it all together.

I tied a couple of dowels together...

Once I had a couple of squares, for the top and bottom, I started adding the dowels for the sides.

Lots of twine!!!

Not very pretty!

Then came the "now how do I get the material on there?" thought!

Oh and the realization that I also didn't buy enough fabric!


Grabbing the scissors again 
a few little safety pins...

This is what it ended up looking like from the inside...

Definitely primitive but for now it works.

I don't have the lights to place around the sides but I found that as long as the sun is coming through the window behind the box it works great!

If you look here
you will see a couple of pictures that I took inside my new creation.

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