Friday, February 4, 2011

Liebster (Love) Blog Award

Yesterday a very special online friend of mine sent me a Liebster (Love) Blog Award. Thank you Heather! 
Heather is a very talented artist, her flowers alone are to die for. She has gotten me to step outside of the box and produce some of the lovely things I have done recently. (canvas's) She is a drawing, painting, collage making, scrapping, stamp making, all around artistic wonder. Please pop over and view here blog here
Love ya girl!!!

The Liebster (Love) Blog Award is given to bring new blogs to light. It is a great way to get new blogs seen by people who might not otherwise see them. If you have been tagged and would like to participate, create a post, use the Liebster (Love) Blog image, then link to 3 to 5 other blogs that you follow.
Here are a couple of blogs I follow that I will share with you!

Tabby is an inspiration to all who are trying to find a way to save money and shop wisely. She is sharing here experiences in how she managed to cut her debts. She also has some great coupon using advice. Give her blog a look, maybe she can inspire you too!

Shawn is a stamping & inking whiz! Put some inks in her hands and watch her go! She has produced some beautiful projects that she is happy to share with us all.
Shawn is also a Loose Leaf Tea drinking lovely lady. Being a tea drinker myself I've gotta love that. I haven't tried the loose leaf yet but she has me hooked on the idea, so when we are settled I'll be looking for some. 

Natasha is a very talented scrapper. She is The Eyelet Queen! She will take a few simple eyelets and make a lacing beauty out of them! And her hand stitching is wow! This young lady was one of the first online beauty's that have inspired me. She has some gorgeous layouts and loads of tutorials on her blog to share with us all.

Thanks for looking today! 
Have a great day everyone!
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