Monday, February 28, 2011

Life in upheaval

Hi everyone! Not a lot of crafting going on here these days. Layoff in November has hub's looking for a job that we can live with. In the mean time we had to leave the house we were renting and moved in with my son. Hopefully we won't be here for too long. Don't like that we have invaded my sons home. Also hoping the next move is a permanent one. It will be our 4th move in less than a year!
All my happy, scrappy, goodies are packed away in a storage shed. Waaaaaaaaa!!!!! I did keep on hand my crocheting so I could make some butterflies for a couple of my Bella friends and some fabric to make some shabby chic flowers. However if this takes too long I will be hitting the stores for what ever I can find to feed my crafty addictions.
Happy Crafting everyone!
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