Sunday, April 19, 2015

My messy office.....

I have a question.....

Why do we make so much more of a mess when we are supposedly "cleaning"?

Here's what things looked like in my office while I cleaned!

In all honesty I,
 once again,
 forgot to take a before picture of my desk but,
this is what my desk usually looks like.....

not clean by no means but,
 this is what it grew into while I was cleaning.....

Seriously why?
Happens every time!

Wish I could show you a prettier, clean, after photo of my desk but
 if you are anything like me you know 
the desk is the last thing to get cleaned,
as well as the first thing to be messed
and since I decided to work in my art journal last night it's a mess!

And once again, 
I forgot to take a before picture 
this, below, is what this area looked like while "cleaning"...
trash bag and all! 

Here we are today.....

Hmm, now I can see the ugly carpet.....sigh.....

I found this cart below on Amazon and grabbed it for my little paint station.....

Love that it's on wheels so I can just roll it over beside me while I'm working with them.
So much easier than having everything in several boxes all over the room!

My closet area however,
(yup, that is the real before picture, proving that "before" is always an after thought when it comes to me & picture taking...after making a mess on my desk and floor in the other side of the room I finally thought "Ooo, I should take before pictures")
went from this.....

(yup I love

to this.....

I still have a bit more cleaning to do
(does it ever stop?)
but I am so much happier in there now!
I can walk around without tripping on or kicking something!

Perpetually messy desk.
Cleaner, more organized closet.
Ugly carpet but cleaner floor.
Corralled paint supplies.

Took a few days but it was worth it!
Now I have room for a new mess!

Thanks for stopping by!

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