Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday # 6

Howdy everyone!

I got to dip into my stash box for this one!
The original was done with little tags but I saw the opportunity to get rid of scrap stash so I grabbed some paper and a scalloped circle punch and used them instead 
then I added some strips of thin yard to represent the strings on the tags.

Here are my pages...

Now when I started this I had the song lyrics
"Lolly Pop, Lolly Pop, Ooo Lolly Lolly Pop" 
playing in my head!
(sorry if you now have that ear worm)

I was also thinking they could be balloons.

In the end, 
I'm looking at it and seeing a couple flowers!

Isn't it wonderful how art can take your mind on an adventure?

I wasn't happy with the idea of this page in the first place but I'm so happy not only for the finished product but I so enjoyed the process.....
including the ear worm! 

Thanks visiting!

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