Friday, September 13, 2013

Wedding mini album for my son & his bride

Good morning everyone!

(Picture book post......Lots of pictures, less story)

I know I mentioned a few posts ago that my son had gotten married this summer and today I want to show you the mini I had made for them.

Her favorite colors being red and black 
not forgetting that my son's favorite color is blue
I decided to start there.

She is not a girly girl so I did my best not to get to fancy with it
and that was definitely the hardest part!

The hanging tag mini I thought would be a nice place for those at the wedding to write something to the bride and groom!

Can't see them in the picture but there are little blue gems on the swirls
(had to get blue in there somewhere for my son)!

I love how this dress form came out with the laces & pearls I put on there.....

lot's of pockets and tags

Love this waterfall page!

A mini in a mini.....
with lots of tags inside and out!

There are a lot more pages and a whole bunch of tags hidden in pockets but I'll stop there for now.
If I showed you all the pages you be here forever!

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