Monday, October 31, 2011

One long crazy challenge...


This month Alda, over at Flying Unicorn challenged us with a month long challenge. 
We could make a layout or a tag.
Everyday she, or someone on her team, gave us instructions.
We were to do nothing but what they asked us to do!

I don't know what I was thinking but I chose to do a tag! 

It got a bit tricky and I have to admit I did give up a couple of times but I kept going back and I did finish.

Here is my tag...

Here are a couple of close ups...

It was a bit crazy not knowing what was coming next, like that black circle...
 I thought for sure someone would tell us to put something on it so I left it open and they didn't! 

When Frank said to put a 2x2 tile on there with a hole in the middle...

 first I worried...2x2 is so big for my tag with limited space at this point and a hole in the middle, oh my!

 But, since it was toward the end of the month, I thought the same punch I used for the black circle was a perfect hole to add at this point. 
I could tuck it under the image and over the black circle! 

Frank also asked us to use 2 diecuts together using popdots.
I have a limited supply of diecuts but I did find the little tag and dragonfly that worked well together.
I had fingers crossed that someone would say we had to add some ribbon or lace that I could add to it and woohoo, Helene came through with gauze!

There's my green ink with a little bling added (numbers 6 &7).
My 3 squares..brads.
My button is the little cream flower.

Toward the end when we were told to add a brad anywhere,
 I didn't know where I was going to add a brad, 
it already looked like it had enough little bits, 
until, luckily, I found the leaf brad.

The folded doily, tucked under the flowers gave me a place to put the bling needed "near the flowers."

As you can see I'm not listing all of the instructions, that would take a month!

Pop on over to Flying Unicorn and check out all the wonderful creations everyone ended up with!

My tag is now hanging in my scrap room. 

Have a great, 
Trick or Treating night!

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