Friday, October 21, 2011

Digi fun!

Hi everyone!
Hope you all have warm wonderful weekend plans!

Today was, for the most part, a lazy day.
I did manage to finish off a couple of projects I had started but I also spent a good part of the day catching up on some tv viewing that I have missed.

Oh, during one of those shows I did get up, grab my weights and did some exercising! 
Proud of myself for that one!
(smiley face)
Just wish I was proud of myself for doing that more often!
(sad face)
Never gonna loose the extra pounds if I don't hop to it more often.

Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could just unzip and all the extra weight just fell out!
Just open that zipper on the thighs and drop.
Maybe a little off the!
Or even better if we could just go outside in the sun for a little bit and the fat just melts and we could just pour it out.

Ok, back to reality!

Tonight I wanted to get something done so I checked my challenges over at 
 and decided to do Heather's challenge over in the 
Heather put together a few video tutorials on her blog for us to use with this challenge.

Actually, my dear friend, Heather has several video's on her blog teaching us all kinds of digi techniques!
She uses GIMP for all her digi tutorials.
GIMP is a free digital imaging software you can download from here.
You should really hop over to visit Heather and check them out!
It is so much fun altering images!
Then come over to Bella Creations and join in on the fun challenges with us!

For this challenge we had to...

1. Create a favicon for our blogs.

You should see mine up above.

I used this image...

Here is the little one...

I added my initials in a brown color and gave it a little bit of a brownish frame.

2. Create a watermark for our images.

I did that on my original image above.

3. Add a post script to your blog using an image we created.

You can see my Halloweenie post script below.
Both the striped background and the pumpkin witch holding candles are images I got over at 
If you haven't been to Gecko Galz yet you should get over there and see all the great collage sets she has to offer

4. Create a post showing all of our work. 
5. Head back to Bella and leave a link to our post.

I will get to that next.


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