Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pretty little pillow.....

Good morning everyone! 

I am so excited about this one!

I have seen all these pretty, lacy, pieces that a lot of people in blog land stitch together.....
pillows, purses, sashes, etc.....

 and being a lover of lace,
and all those pretty works of art,
 I wished that someone would pull my name out of a hat and send one to me.....


No such luck!

So after some time 
(maybe a year)
I finally got up the nerve to lay all the pieces together and 
set it on top of my sewing machine and look at it
 for a week! 


The week ended yesterday!

I finally got up the nerve to do the sewing and put my piece together!


My sewing machine made this horribly loud noise!


Oops.....In my haste to put this together I apparently threaded the machine wrong and my sewing machine let me know immediately!
Scary noise but cool at the same time!
Glad to know my machine is that smart and stopped me before I made a mess of my machine!

I played with a few of the embroidery stitches which unfortunately didn't come out well in the pictures but I finally got my piece together.....


As you know I am on the DT at Gecko Galz.....
I used an image from GG's Artful Visions collage sheet.

The laces are from my stash.

A couple of closeups..... 

Isn't that lace with the yellow ribbon and flowers pretty?
I bought that at Lacy Discoveries quite a while ago and horded it.....
waiting for the right piece to use it on.
(she no longer has this in her shop but she does have lots of other pretty's there!)

The bottom piece was a recent purchase from an antique mall.
It was a bit tattered but 
that made it easier to think about cutting it up!

In unrelated news.....

Here's a picture of my scrappy buddy.....

All tuckered out after a morning full of running and playing with her mother! 

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