Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scrappy Challenge

Hi everyone!

I have been cleaning my scrappy place lately. 

Trying to find some better organization for everything and 
maybe I'll find out where my mojo has been hiding.

In the midst of this cleaning I've found that I have an abundance of scraps.

So at the risk of further ignoring my piles of patterned paper, cardstock, paper packs, etc...
 extending my hording addiction longer, 
I have decided to get rid of these scraps! 

I am hoping that I will not be doing this alone,


I put a challenge up on 

The challenge is to make a card, 
or 3,
 using as many scraps as you can. 

Here are my examples...

The bingo card was part of a collage sheet that Heather gave us for a challenge a couple of months ago over at Bella Creations. 
The doily is actually half a doily(don't remember what I did with the other half).
Actually the only bit on this card that is not a scrap is the Tarnished Brass Stickles around the bingo card and velvet squares.

This one is 100% scrap pieces!
The pine cone was cut with my Cameo.

The only piece on this one that is not a scrap is the doily, 
even the flower,
 it was ripped off of another card. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
I hope you all will come join me in getting rid of some scraps!
We all know you have them! 

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