Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Towel holder upgrade

Hi everyone!

I haven't been in much of a mood for scrapping lately but I do have a project that I worked on yesterday to show you.

I have had this paper towel holder for ages and it was looking a bit ragged so I decided to paint it.

 I forgot to take a pic of the original state but trust me it was not good! 

Here is a look at the first couple of coats of ivory.....

It's hard to really see what it looks like here.
There are fruits, flowers, leaves and vines on it.

The towel bar in it's original state shows a little bit of what it looked like before, 
although the bar was the best looking part of it.....

And here is a look at the finished piece...

A couple of closeups... 

 When I started I was a little nervous about doing the painting because I am not an artistic painter. I know very little about shading and blending but once I got out the sand paper I was loving what I did!

Now I just have to finish up with the towel bar, seal it and hang it in my kitchen!

Happy Scrappy Day!

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