Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A little boredom & a lot of moving

the boredom...

My 14 yr old, who seems to get bored way too often, finally decided to join me at the table the other night and made a couple of things to enter into the
Bella Creations challenges.

 For the July Oh la la challenge...

For the July Nuances De Couleur challenge...

The little girl is a cut from Heather.
The red flower is one I made a while ago and she embellished with a charm from an old necklace she doesn't wear any longer.

And last night she made this bookmark for the 
August Oh la la challenge...

A little while later she came in and asked me for a sticky note so she could mark a page in her book.
I gave her her bookmark that was still sitting on the table.

Now the move...

Hub's finally has what looks to be a more permanent job so we are on the move once again. Hopefully this is the last one for a lot of years! 
Not looking forward to sifting through the piles of stuff in the shed but it's got to be done so we'll be heading out there to do that soon. 
Not going to take everything right now because hub's is not here to help. 
We will come back for the rest or hire a moving company. 

Not sure when I'll post again. 
Hope everyone's summer is going along swimmingly and everyone is staying cool.

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