Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The organizing challenge

We have all been there.
Trying to figure out just the right place for everything to go.
The right place to hide those little things that don't look so pretty but you might need them often as well as those things you just want to hide, never to be seen again!

Display the pretty!
Hide the ugly!

As some or all of you know I recently relocated 


My hub's managed to find a place for us where I can have a room, that is all mine, to have my scrappy/crafty fun.

Gotta love him for that!

Since the move out here was going to be a long drive (23 hrs) for my daughter and me, in a moving truck that we had to fill, (hub's was already out here) he told me to get the smaller truck and just bring the necessities.

YES, he did mean my scrappy goodies!
He knows how lost I was without my stuff after the last move!

Since the move I have painted all the rooms that were in desperate need, got the kitchen set up, shopped for the beds that we needed since the others were left behind, walked around this wonderful small town several times, took part in the town fair (fun & food), and tried several times over and over again to get my scrap room set up. 

What little furnishings I have in here have been rearranged a couple of times! 
I am pretty sure they are set in their final resting places, 
you never know though!

My big problem now is the lack of drawers to hide things in.
I had to leave my Michaels cubies behind,
no room in the truck.

As you can see...
pens, pencils, markers, etc...
glues of all kinds,
inks and ink accessories,
all the little tools, 
mats of one kind or another, 
paint brushes,
stickers even found a home on top of the table in an old boot box!

Who know's what else is up there!

Then there are the boxes under the table with the paints,
a tub full of ribbons, paper cutters, the basket full of tags,
Tim Holz's has his own box, 
and the fan!

On the shelf beside the table we have more ribbon, my cuddlebug, bind-it-all, 
my crop-a-dile and big bite, buttons, flowers, beads, stamps and more stuff!

And here we are on the other side of the room with a two more bookcases...

The taller bookcase I tried to have space for "pretty" displays with storage mixed in.
The top is all display, the next shelf down is my glitter glues, alcohol inks, liquid pearls, glitters, embossing powders, etc...
Then we have my "mini" display shelf.
My Boyd's Bear shelf.
Then we start getting back to a mix of stuff on down from there, 
baskets and mini crates filled with cuddlebug stuff, clear stamps, mini making goodies, letters.....

There is an old crate between the bookcases that holds a bunch of my patterned papers beautifully.
With my project baskets sitting on top. 
Heehee, there's a bag of chips there too!

My printer bookcase seemed to be the only place that organized quickly for me. 
Papers for printing on, 
as well as smaller patterned paper pads,
notebooks to alter, paper bags for mini's,
my box of little projects done (my Christmas cards!)

The mantle shelf hanging above the small bookcase I am proud to say my dear son made that for me!

Here we are at my computer table...

It's actually a sewing machine table but since there is a piece missing from my sewing machine, since the move, it has become my computer desk. 
And there you have it.
Well all but the closet.
But that still has boxes in it, don't need to show you that. 
I also have all my albums,
"more" boxes of ribbon
as well as my boxes of pic's that need to find a home in a scrapbook one day.
Thanks for stopping by to look at my mess.
Happy day to you all!

Oh, just a side note here...
I did lift my weights today...
See them there
on my desk
I lifted them right up there on top of each other to keep that folder from falling down!

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