Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sympathy cards have always been one of my least favorite things to create for obvious reasons. 

Today is no exception.

I made two...

One for the mother who just recently lost her son.

And the second for the sister who lost her brother. 

This young man of 25 yrs old was my nephew. 

His mother and I shared this pregnancy. 
She had a son and I had a daughter. 

I can only imagine the pain she is going through with the loss of her first born. 

I am having a hard time knowing he is gone. 

I haven't seen much of him over the past 10 yrs, since my divorce from his uncle, but he and his family have remained dear in my heart.

He was a happy, smiling little boy and from the pictures I've seen on his and his sisters facebook pages that smile was still there in his young adulthood. 
He had a love for fishing that his father handed down to, not only him but, all of his kids.
He and his sister often took time to go fishing together. 

My heart is saddened by the lost of such a promising young man but my heart is also breaking for his younger sister who will be missing her big brother and his mother who lost her baby boy. 

They will never see that smile, never feel a hug with his arms, never share a laugh, never be able to tease him for only catching that little sunny when his sister caught the big one, he will never be married, never have kids of his own.

Through my sorrow I look at my children and thank God that they are who they are and that I still have time to share with them. 

It reminds me that time is short, so you need to make the most of the time you have. 

Enjoy your family!

Have the best life you can! 

Always let the ones you love know you love them with every breathe you take!

Smile and live with Love!

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