Thursday, May 26, 2011



My family has been passing around a nasty sore throat and cold. 
Silly me I thought I had escaped it!
Everyone is finally finishing up with it 
and me...
it's just beginning!


The plan for the day was to get in the car and drive an hour to go visit my dogs, give them some treats and a chance to run outside. 
Waking up feeling sick made me give that plan a second thought. 

I did decided to go...
before I felt any worse.

So I let them out, to get they're run. 
I let them jump all over me.
I gave them a couple of hotdogs.
I gave them a couple of doggie treats.
Another run outside
time for me to get back home. 

Before leaving town I stopped in to check the mail...


There were two pkgs for me!

First is my RAK from  
I got this for winning the 
over at 
Bella Creations!

Look at all those goodies!
A stamp, flowers, rub-ons,  buttons and pearls
my very first Graphics 45 paper pack!
I am so excited!
I can't wait to make something with that!

And who doesn't love Tim Holtz Distress Inks!
I've had plans to visit a lss, next week, to buy some of them so this was perfect timing, especially when you figure in the fact that the one I was definitely planning on getting is the Weathered Wood! 
Yay, now I can get another color!

I am going to have so much fun with these goodies!


If you like what you see then hurry on over to 
and play with us there!
Maybe you can win a goodie stash like this one too! 

Now on to my other yummy package...

Look at this...
I was so excited when I won this from Heidi over at 

My brand new bookmark!
I loved the look in the picture but oh so excited when I saw it in person. 


It is so pretty!
The image is great, I love the color of the eggs! 

I am a new fan of this ribbon she used too. 
I know what it's called but for the life of me I can't think of the name!
 With or without the name, I want some now! lol

And she is so sweet she even added a few other little goodies in the pack she mailed out to me. 
The lace is pretty, buttons (always great) and those diecuts are wonderful!
Love that little card too!


For those of you who haven't visited Heidi yet I think you should! 
She has a lot of vintage goodies to look at over at her place!

Even her music is vintage!
Heehee, I am listening to it as I type!
It's bringing me back to my childhood dinner times when tv and radio's were suppose to be turned off. 
I found a way around that was to set the radio station to play music, like this, that mom and dad liked!
I liked it too!!!
Mom was always pleased!

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you all have a great, sunny & safe day!

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