Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No luck so far

Well I am not happy to say that I have yet to find anyone to help yet with the dogs. Friends and family can not take them for us. I am waiting for the rescue shelters to get back to me. Unfortunately it is taking too long. The girl watching them has to get them out of there and we can't bring them here. Hub's has been no help because all he is concerned with is keeping his dog although he knows that if we can only keep one it will be my daughters dog. The reason we got the dogs in the first place were for my daughter but they all seemed to end up being my hub's dogs until we had Oreo. Oreo and my daughter have bonded big time, they are good together and would hate to lose that for her.
Here's a couple of pics of them.
Sebastian-son, Max-dad & Oreo-daughter
A little scruffy, but cute.
The last pic surprises me because Sebastian looks like he is unimpressed with whatever the other two are looking at out the window, he usually joins in ready to bark.
Hoping for good news soon but not holding my breath. Don't know what else to do.

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