Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow lady...

Good morning everyone!

Some time a month or so ago I saw where someone took an old sweater, cut off the arm and put it on to an old lamp. 
I thought that was such a cute idea 
 since I have an old lamp that I don't necessarily like I decided to try it.  

I went to Goodwill, got a cable knit sweater that didn't fit any of us.

Now, I do like that!

So with one sleeve on the lamp, what do I do with the other sleeve?


first you throw it in the corner for a couple of weeks.


You make a snow lady!

Isn't she cute?

Aside from the buttons, nose and some thread the whole thing was done with the other sleeve.

I used suede Glimmer Mist for her hair, 
which are small strips that I stretched and hot glued under the top/hat.
I love that it looks like she has curly hair!

I used random squirts of green patina Perfect Pearls Mist and Art (or ArtO?) glitter mist in red for the scarf.

The ball on top was a thin piece of the sleeve that I cut and stretched, then rolled in a ball and hot glued it on top!

Her carrot nose, I believe, is an old wooden lollipop stick, that I had on my desk.
(I used it to curl the wire on other can see one here.)
I cut it and colored it with an orange marker.

Gotta love making a snowman/snowlady...
in the warmth of my cozy room!

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