Friday, February 24, 2017

Couple of cards

Hi folks!

Looking over some scraps from a previous project sitting on my desk I decided to doodle on a couple pieces. 
Well, one thing led to another and my doodle play ended up card making fun!

This is the card I made....

I haven't used my texture folders in ages so I did a bunch of them and had them laying on my desk with the flowers and such.

The card came together so quick and easy I decided to do it again,
only this time I did it on camera so there is a video link down below!

This is the card I did while on camera...

Now this card below was a 
"hmmm, I'm not a watercolor girl but what if" challenge for myself.
My idea was to make a few pretty backgrounds that were nothing but color.

This card came out better than I had hoped for....

And this card....
I decided to throw another card making bit to the end of the doodle card video!

Turned out to be a bit much for my camera....
battery died as I was going along!

I finished the card,
got the video together, 
and added a couple photo's of this finished card to the end.

Thanks for visiting!

My video...

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