Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mini Calendar Journal

Good morning lovelies!

Yesterday I had the itch to create,
it was a work day for me and I never have time beforehand
 due to all the prep I have to do before I leave.


since I'm in love with Heather's new 
I decided to play with that!

Yep, you read that right, I decided, 
with no time to spare,
to play with a journal kit! 

Now I believe there are 12 sheets in the kit
and they are made to print out on a standard piece of paper (8.5x11)
and that is what I did with the Journal I made last week.
You can see that one HERE

With my lack of time, 
I decided to try it out in a smaller version.

My printer I can print a full sheet (the 8.5x11),
5x7's (which could be 2 on one page)
and 3.5x5's (or 4 per page)

Call me crazy but I decided to go with the smaller prints, 
which meant I could print 4 different kit pages at once! 

Here it is.....

From these first couple of shots it looks normal size

Front cover above,
my back cover below

back cover without the tags tucked in...

The inside...

And there it is!
Those are my fingers holding back the calendar pages for you to see!

The whole thing fits in the palm of my hand!

Below you can see I used a library pocket and some atc cards with card topper tabs,
as well as a larger tag behind them.

Here's the library pocket with the atc's removed...

Below I made a pocket using a large tag, wrapping it around the bottom of the page 

The little notepad/signature that I stitched together 
tucks in nicely and can, 
not only be removed when I want to write in it,
 but I can make another and replace it easy when I've filled the pages! 

This little journal will fit nicely into one of the little pockets in my pocketbook so I can have it with me at all times, 
ready for that quick note or thought to be jotted down!

I made a video of this kit with this mini journal 
as well as the full sized one.
I'll link that below

Below I posted pictures of the full kit!

The pages were shrunk down for posting purposes.
As I said above each sheet (12 altogether) prints nicely on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

And if you are like me, wanting front & back writing pages,
these beauties printed wonderfully lined up with each other!

As you can see below there are pages for writing & for backgrounds, covers, spines,

calendar pages, month labels & number boxes for the dates,
tags, library envelopes, atc cards, card & tag toppers

There are larger tags & smaller tags

And how about those roses, the colors, the distressing.....
super pretty!

So much goodness in one kit!

I hope you'll stop by My Artistic Adventures Etsy and grab a kit for yourself!

And if you want to see some of Heather's creations,
 using more of her designs,
you can go to her blog at
 if you are up for a challenge 
her challenge blog is HERE!



Thanks for stopping by!

Stay warm!

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