Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ring in 2016 Coast to Coast with CeeCee & Heather

Over the course of the years I have come to 
celebrate New Years
 in my jammies,
 tucked nicely in bed, 
with my eyes closed.

But not this year......

This year I joined the KraaftShaak to celebrate every time zone from coast to coast!
Crazy fun!

During the celebration we had a challenge we could join in on.

The first one included...
a magenta, teal & gold
Black and white were a given.
The some sort of sparkle...
I chose my Inka Gold that I had just bought for the first time...yay!

Now after that challenge they brought a couple people in to the group and played pictionary.
That was a crazy fun game to watch and play along with,
however since I thought, 
the other day,
that I was done working in my art journals because I found no inspiration in them, 
didn't even want to open them
since they got me to enjoy doing the first one I thought I'd go ahead during the pictionary and do another.
Quite a few did city scapes including CeeCee & Heather 
so I thought why not give that ago,
another first for me!
Might not be the best city scape around but it's mine and I had fun doing it!

When pictionary was done we were on to another art journal challenge.
To be honest I did not get the whole parameters for this one...
they kinda came at us here and there but I know I caught a few.
I got the yellow, magenta, blue, stencils, stamp and the glitter!
Oh and a quote!
Not really sure if I like the quote I may have to do something to it to bring it out more!


Here I've changed up the quote so it can be seen better...


All in all it was a great night!
Well worth staying up past my bed time!
Thank you CeeCee and Heather for that fun crazy party!

Hoping the Happiest, Healthiest, Love filled New Years to you all!

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