Monday, January 4, 2016


Last year my daughter pointed out that a lot of my Christmas decor have the word Joy on them.
I like the word Joy but I hadn't done that consciously, 
I just rarely find things that say Noel 
(my daughters fav Christmas word)
 that I like.
So I went on the hunt to find her some Noel pieces and again...nothing. 
I will have to make her something, but until then, back to me & Joy...

Last month I saw one of those Facebook test thingys that said it will find your word for you for 2016 so what the heck I tried it.....



That's my word! 

So I got out some paints and made this for my wall.....

Now I'll have Joy everyday of the year and not just Christmas!

Thanks for stopping in to visit!
Have a great week!

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