Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm a winner!

I'm so excited!

I entered a giveaway a little while ago,
knowing I'd never win,
I was soooooo wrong! 

I won! 

And it's here!!!
Just got it today!!!

I got the email last weekend telling me that I won and I was so excited I had to sit down and catch my breath! 
It's so rare that I win anything and this, for me, is huge! 

Along with the Instant Pot came her new book,
A Simple Guide to the Paleo AutoImmune Protical by Eileen Laird.
from Phoenix Helix
and that lovely card!

Funny thing is I just ordered the book the day before I saw her giveaway!
Guess it was meant to be!

You can find her book HERE.

My extra book will be gifted!

Doesn't it look great on my counter!

Oh yay
I can't wait to play!

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