Friday, January 22, 2016

Mission Inspiration January Challenge

Good morning! 

I've joined a challenge group on Facebook called 

You are given a list of things (10 things) to do in your art journal.

Easy as pie! 

Great for those lack of mojo days...
what to do is all laid out for you!

So to start with.....

I didn't use my art journal! 



I don't know what it was about this challenge but I liked it so much I decided to do a canvas board instead!

I think it was the fact that I actually had a plan!
So not like me!!!

Half way through though,
my thought was...
"Ugh, why didn't I do this in my art journal...this is terrible!"

Oh well...
keep going it has to get better!


Here it is.....

When I got to the part where we were suppose to chose 
"3 colors of your choice"
I chose badly!

Hot mess!

All my attempts to salvage failed so gesso to the rescue!

Covered the lilacish color I ended up with 
with a burnt sienna.
That made me happy.
Then I added a bit of coral and that made me happier! 


Here's a close up of my collaged bits and phrase.....

Below is my piece all framed up & pretty.....

The challenge.....

Thanks for stopping by! 

Hope you are staying warm! 

Good luck to the east coast gang with this storm coming your way!
Stay safe!

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