Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cactus be gone...

Good morning everyone!

A couple more days till the first day of summer! 
Are you ready?
I sure am after that winter we had! 

A couple of my goals this year were to get rid of some cactus 
and play in a garden!

The cactus was left by the previous owners and 
as much as I wanted to get rid of it I was a bit afraid, 
so it took three years to finally do it.
I found that that fear was justified! 


Those little prickers were all over the place!

My daughter helped me...
we were picking those needle fine things out of our feet, hands and arms,
even though we wore shoes and 
I used a shovel to dig them up...we didn't dare touch them with our hands.

I dug them up and she kinda, sorta, opened a lawn bag for me to drop it all in there.

This is what the cactus looked like...
(this isn't my pic,
 found this one on facebook...
I'm really lousy at remembering to take before pic's)

It covered a bed approximately 5 x 3 feet!
(Yes, Heather...larger than I told you...noticed my mistake when I went out later that night! YIKES)
LOTS of cactus!

The whole bed in front of the large rock was covered with cactus.
The big rock in front center of the bed was not there...
it was off to the side, 
with cactus underneath it!
My daughter rolled it off the cactus...
 we rolled it back to the bed,
 to the front of that large rock, afterward, to brace it. 

The flowers I bought were going to go in this bed but after removing all that cactus and being stuck with all those needles we changed our minds and decided it was going to stay a rock garden for now.

Off to the right of that bed is another bed...
(Nope, no before picture, once again)
covered with overgrown weeds and who knows what else,
so we moved on to that bed!

Lucky for cactus in this one!
And the soil underneath all the mess is really nice!

Here it is after we added our flowers.....

Here is the back side.....

A few close ups.....

These below are my daughter's favorite!
"They look like coral!"


Love the colors on these!

My mint,
to add to a cup of tea or lemonade.....

It's been way too long since I'd gotten my hands dirty in a garden and I loved it!

I hope you are enjoying some time in the sun 
and maybe a garden!

This did wonders for me,
helped in getting rid of my wintery mood!


Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy Summer time to you all!

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