Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Good morning!

I have a project here, 
that was part of the basement flooding mess that I was able to salvage!

The quote/poem was in another frame that didn't fair well but I loved the poem so I had to figure out what to do with it.
In the mean time it spent some time on my desk.

Some where along the line I was playing with paints on this canvas board,
hated what it looked like, it, too, ended up sitting!

Then as I was going through my stash I found this old frame.
Could it fit that ugly canvas board?
Measurements work!

So I got the canvas board out again,
repainted it 
mounted the poem!

Of course, then I found that the board did not fit into the frame,
I had to do some sanding & chiseling, 
bending & pushing 
it worked!

(You can see by the shadow it's not all together in this photo, 
not sure what happened to the finished photo, maybe it's in my broken camera but I really did get it in there!)

Thanks for stopping by! 

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