Thursday, November 5, 2015

Small things.....

Hi everyone! 
It's been quite a while! 

It's got me good.....
depression...blah's...lack of mojo....
among other things...
unfortunately it's not completely better but I am trying my best to push through these days...
at the very least I am sitting in my craft space more often, 
I may not always be doing something but I'm in here,
which is better than avoiding the room entirely like I had been! 

In one of my attempts to barrel through it all I've decided to get some Christmas gifts started.

To begin with, 
this summer my son & daughter-in-law, had a baby girl!
New granddaughter for me! 

So this first Christmas gift I've got to show you is for her.....

I've been watching videos by Shawn Petite and love her layering so I did my best to go nuts and layer papers, paints and heavy clear gel medium on my background.
Not my strong suit...
I tend forget the first layers of papers that I've planned then stop early in the process with fear of going too far...but I'm trying!

This butterfly was made with modeling paste.
(and also a butterfly stencil I cut myself)
I've done this technique before but in my brain haze I'd forgotten all about it until I recently saw Shawn do something similar herself.
I love the texture I got in there! 
I actually had to double up, 
once the first coat was dry...
it cracked! 
But I think that was a good thing, 
that's how I got the texture the way I wanted it!

Gotta love a mistake that gives you an advantage!

I added some rock candy stickles for sparkle,
unfortunately it doesn't show very well in the pictures.

This picture above is my attempt at letting you see the heavy clear gel medium I added with another stencil.

And last the Winnie the Pooh quote.

My new granddaughter definitely has a big part of my heart!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

I used...
a combination of liquitex & folk art paints
Tim Holtz stencils #THS006 & THS001
a TSW stencil (I believe it's Rosetta)
bubble wrap 
paper scraps (under the painting as well as the added butterflies)
The heart was cut from a piece of patterned paper from Gecko Galz.
Stabilo All black pencil
Paynes Grey PanPastels

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