Saturday, April 16, 2016

April Mission Inspiration...

It's me again!
The inconsistent blogger!


Oh well,
it is what it is I guess.
Life always gets in the way and time goes on.

Today I finished my Mission Inspiration for April and wanted to share it...

The Mission plan is below.

These Missions are fun
can drive you crazy!

I was good until I decided to use black paint for the bubble wrap markings.
Tried to fix that by going over it with white bubble wrap markings!

My quote is pretty small on this page. 

And the car pretty much was nonexistent when I stamped it

in came #11
Carols addition!

I added some Inka Gold around the truck and quote to make it pop more.
You can see a bit of the shimmer in the picture below.

Here is the Mission plan
If you click on the image below it should bring you to the youtube video with 
Mike Deakin - Our fearless leader!

Try a Mission!
They truly are fun! 

Hugs to you all!

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