Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lucky Stars

Good afternoon everyone! 

Every Sunday I make my breakfast,
grab my cup of tea 
then sit down in front of my computer and watch
Shawn Petite's Inspiration Sunday videos 
where she shows us the process of the piece she is working on.
She also has such wonderful words of wisdom to share with us.....
always giving of herself!

Last week she decided,
very generously,
to share her piece with us all! 

So I got my print and decided that it was going to be simply mounted on a piece of mdf and put on my office wall.

I printed it out and life happened,
 so it took a few days before I could get back to it for mounting.

Only now I want to play with it! 

A collaboration if you will!
Me and Shawn working on the same piece!

I'm feeling giddy! 

So here is the original done by Shawn.....

Isn't it pretty?

Below is what I did to it...

I put it on a taller board
and added more color to the background with paints and stencils to match what she already had.
Added a few pieces of ephemera and a butterfly.
A few more stars
I may have gone a little bit overboard with the paint spatters!
This was a lesson in
"Do not play with paint when you should be in bed because you are totally exhausted!'

Below is a closer look at the quote...
I added white shadowing to the letters.

I also added a few more stars and another layer of ribbon/lace trim.

Thanks for stopping by!
There are links below so you can go check out Shawn and her video's.

Thank you Shawn for your generosity!
Hope you like what I did!


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